IGI Technologies

IGI Technologies is a University of Maryland-based startup focused on delivering high-speed image registration solutions to clinicians. Medical images taken of the same patient but on different equipment or at different times are difficult to overlay due to changes in the body from breathing, position, or morphology. We correct these misalignments automatically and on-demand.


Augmented Reality in Laparoscopic Surgeries

With a box the size of a laptop, we provide real-time overlay using existing images from laparoscopic camera and laparoscopic ultrasound equipment in minimally invasive abdominal and thoracic surgeries.

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Registration in Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology performs minimally invasive procedures under some form of imaging guidance. While imaging guidance makes for an excellent navigational aid to instruments being used, targets are often not visible in the imaging modality in use at the time of the procedure. Automatic, high-speed image registration can bring any preoperative work into the procedure room quickly and easily.


Registration in Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy often employs imaging guidance for patient positioning before treatment.  With proper registration to other treatment and planning images, these onboard images can be used for a variety of other novel purposes to improve patient care.


Registration in Diagnostic Radiology

In Diagnostic Radiology, a variety of registration scenarios present themselves varying by anatomy, modality, and separation in time. IGI Tech’s scalable technology accommodates many of the most useful ones.