IGI Technologies is a University of Maryland-based startup focused on delivering high-speed image registration solutions to clinicians. Medical images taken of the same patient but on different equipment or at different times are difficult to overlay due to changes in the body from breathing, position, or morphology. We correct these misalignments automatically and on-demand.  To achieve our level of accuracy and speed, we leverage our patented algorithm that subdivides the registration problem and map it to a high-speed programmable platform: a graphics processor.


RajRaj Shekhar, PhD – Founder – Researcher and innovator in the field of medical imaging for 20 years. Over 50 refereed papers on the subject. Two-year medical imaging industry experience. Two prior inventions have led to successful commercial products (cardiac CT system marketed by Philips Healthcare and intravascular ultrasound segmentation algorithms offered by Volcano Therapeutics).



plishker-headshotWilliam Plishker, PhD – Co-Founder – Research over past 10 years has been dedicated to specialized multicore application acceleration. Five years of medical image registration acceleration. Experience in three Bay Area startups as an engineer and on the marketing/sales team.