CT-Guided Ablation of Occult Renal Lesions

Registration of Supine and Prone Images

IGTFusion used to guide and confirm accurate needle placement in 3 renal lesions that were not visible on CT during the procedure.

  • Registered a supine pre-procedural image to a prone procedural image
  • Saved procedure time by eliminating the need to constantly refer back to the pre-procedural image
  • Reduced the clinician tedium of estimating the accuracy of needle placement
Supine preprocedural contrast-enhanced CT image reveals renal lesions
Lesions are CT-Occult in prone procedural image
Overlay based on the DICOM offsets is not helpful
Performing a simple rigid correction reveals a number of soft tissue misalignments
IGTFusion automatically corrects the soft tissue misalignments
After percutaneous needle placement, IGTFusion can display pre-procedure contrast image with the needle
All subsequent procedural images are also automatically fused in seconds