IGI Technologies IGI Technologies is a Maryland based startup delivering fast & accurate image registration solutions to clinicians Read More Problem Medical images taken of the same patient but on different equipment or at different times are difficult to overlay due to changes in the body from breathing, position, or morphology. Read More Solution IGI Tech’s FDA Cleared IGTFusion Software automatically aligns multiple 3D medical images via our proprietary algorithm. Read More Automatic Image Registration using IGTFusion System


The IGTFusion System utilizes patented software algorithms to automatically align images from single and multiple image sources.
IGTFusion can visualize and register 3D image data from multiple modalities, including CT, PET, and MR images automatically.

Highlighted Clinical Case

CT-Guided Ablation of Occult Renal Lesions

Registration of Supine and Prone Images

IGTFusion used to guide and confirm accurate needle placement in 3 renal lesions that were not visible on CT during the procedure

  • Registered a supine pre-procedural image to a prone procedural image
  • Saved procedure time by eliminating the need to constantly refer back to the pre-procedural image
  • Reduced the clinician tedium of estimating the accuracy of needle placement