CT-Guided Biopsy of Occult Soft Tissue Mass

MR and CT Fusion Example

IGTFusion used to guide and confirm accurate biopsy needle placement in soft tissue mass adjacent to femoral bone tumor that was not visible on CT during the procedure, but was visible on the pre-treatment MRI.

  • Registered a pre-procedure MRI with procedural CT 
  • Fusion adjusts for rotation of femur between images due to leg positioning
  • Saved procedure time by identifying the occult soft tissue mass for biopsy
Pre-procedure Contrast-Enhanced MRI

Osseous matrix femoral bone tumor with an adjacent soft tissue mass

Soft tissue mass is CT-Occult in procedural image

Note the rotation of the femur due to leg positioning and the field of view cropping off some of the image.

Registered and Fused: MR to CT using IGTFusion

Helps to visualize the soft tissue mass as well as the bone tumor, both of which were targeted for biopsy.